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Wedding Date: 17 January 2009
Wedding Venue: Vrede (FS) – Willie & Roenel Theron’s Farm – Langverwag Boerdery
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
It was on the 31 December 2007 in Cape St Francis. We were visiting his dad for the holidays. I remember Andre still had a cold. We were planning on going to the beach again as we did the previous year. This year we parked the “bakkie” beneath the light house and had our Sparkling wine as usual. A few minutes in the new year Andre requested me to stand with him next to where we were parked. He looked into my eyes and asked me……..should I really go on my knees’? Of course I said yes. I cried – he cried and then I phoned EVERYONE.

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Wedding date: 20 March 2009
Venue: Diamond Hill
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
Our relationship had come over a period of more than 3 years. We both agreed to get married sometime in 2009 and even had a ring designed and made which was already finished in May 2008. With the ring in the safe, I knew that the proposal is not far way, but Vincent waited for the perfect moment. In December 2008 we went to Walvis Bay on holiday with friends and I was almost 100% sure that the ring must be packed in somewhere in his suitcase.

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Wedding Venue: Amanzingwe
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
We got Engaged on the beautifully beach of Swakopmund, Namibia. My husband grew up there and he took me for a holiday to show me the beauty of of the town. On the beach he got down on a knee and proposed to me. It was like a fairytale! Just me and him sharing this everlasting moment!

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LELANIE (22) and OELOF (30) GRABIE http://localhost/ http://localhost/ LELANIE (22) and OELOF (30) GRABIE

Wedding Date: 21 November 2008
Wedding Venue: Galagos Country Estate
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
I was a flight attendant at the time and had done a flight to Cape Town, staying over there for the night. Oelof also flew down and surprised me. We had dinner in a cosy little restaurant at the waterfront, ( he arranged the table, flowers and champagne with the staff beforehand). After dinner he went down on his knee inside the restaurant and popped out the exact ring that I wanted (which he had made, and the jeweller got it finished just in time for him to catch his flight! ) This was followed by many well wishes from fellow diners and we phoned everybody with the good news.

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Wedding Date: 25 April 2009
Wedding Venue: Woodpecker Inn, Richards Bay
Photographer: Mark Jacobs (Picture Perfect Photography)

On 25 April 2007, Rodney and myself met for a drink (that was arranged by a mutual friend that neither of us has ever met!) at the Woodpecker Inn in Richards Bay. I knew after that first meeting that this was THE man! Even phoned my friend straight afterwards and said 'If I am EVER stupid enough to get married again, it will be to this guy'!. Strangely coincidental, both our partners had moved out on the 1st of April 2007 and we were still coming to terms with this
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STEPHAN (28) and ELANI (25) KRUGER http://localhost/ http://localhost/ STEPHAN (28) and ELANI (25) KRUGER

Wedding date: 24 January 2009
Wedding Ceremony: NG Kerk Nylstroom
Wedding Reception: Euphoria Golf Estate, Naboomspruit
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The proposal:
Stephan proposed to me the day of our first anniversary of being together. He told me about 4 days before our anniversary that he wanted to take me to Witwater Lodge (we went there for dinner on Valentines Day, and we both fell in love with the place and wanted to return) to celebrate our anniversary there. We both left work early that Tuesday afternoon to leave for the lodge.

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LINDY (20) and JAYSON (22) STEARN http://localhost/ http://localhost/ LINDY (20) and JAYSON (22) STEARN

Wedding Date: 30 August 2008
Venue: The Moon and Sixpence
Photographer: Carla Nel Photography

The Proposal:
A whole day was planned for this special proposal. One of the most special days -16 June 2008. It all started early in the morning where he took me to Wonderboom Airport.

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