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Wedding Ceremony Programmes

Wedding ceremony program is a list of the events as they will take place during your ceremony and sometimes reception and also of the people that take part in your wedding ceremony. Bride and groom’s parents, bridesmaid and groom’s best friend, guests of honour, grandparents, as well as musicians and pastor/preacher could be named in your program.

You can also use your program as a place to thank the special people that were involved in your wedding preparations, specially your parents.

The program also includes the list or full texts of songs that are performed at the ceremony as well as Bible readings.

To make your program extra special, use your photographs, special memories, notes or verses to turn a program into a keepsake and a gift for your guests.

The program text can be as formal or informal as you choose it to be. It can be fit to one page that is rolled into a scroll or it can become a booklet or a CD cover to go with the collection of wedding songs played at your wedding that you give your guests as a gift.


It has become a tradition to have programs for the guest during the ceremony. Planning such a program is a very useful thing as it will keep your guests from being disorientated during the ceremony and will keep you from extra stress, as all the people involved into running of the ceremony will know exactly what event follows what.

It also becomes a beautiful keepsake that in years to come will trigger those special memories.

There are different approaches to the way the program looks: it could be a bookmark, a card, printed on thicker paper or even a material scroll with a loose letter inside. You also don't need to be a designer to make your program look special. Here are some does and don'ts to help you with your program:


DO make it fit with the general feel of the wedding. If you are printing your invitations with a professional printer, ask him to print some extra, blank invitations, without inside pages, that you could use later as programs, menus and even thank you cards. The more you print the cheaper it works out per item, and you can simply design the inners for the programs yourself and let it be photocopied.

DO find a good quality photocopier in case you photocopy your programs. It is wise to rather pay a bit extra for photocopies that create something totally unpleasant to hold.

DO be creative when choosing paper for the program. Smooth finish papers are good for printing on, while handmade papers with rough finish can serve as a decorative element. Smooth finish paper will also looks very elegant with a single decorative element, such as a lavender flower or heavy ribbon. Try a combination of handmade paper for the cover of the program with tracing paper (that comes in variety of colors this days) for the inside. You don't need to cut the edges of the tracing paper smooth and straight. In this way you allow it to pick up on the feel of the handmade paper cover. Or make a scroll out of tracing paper only and adorn it with a matching to your theme decoration, for example: a butterfly.

DO try to find somebody reliable to help you with your stationary. As romantic as it may seem, such small things will make you very tired, and your main priority before you wedding day is to get enough rest, and besides, there's always somebody complaining they have been left out of the wedding preparations. You can set the standard by creating the first piece and after that don't forget to check on your helper 2 weeks and a week before the wedding.


DON'T get carried away with variety of clipart and fonts that your PC offers. Chose one or two elements that are created in the same style and match each other in colors. For your text select ONE decorative font to highlight important information: names, titles of the songs; and a very plain font for the rest of the text. It is advised not to mix more than 3 fonts together.

Let your flower girls or some other children from the family distribute the programs before the ceremony. They will never forget the important role they played in your wedding.