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Confetti and Tossings

Most of us have attended a wedding before. I know for me, one of the most exciting moments is when the new bride and bridegroom come strolling hand in hand out of the church, after signing the registry to confirm their promise to one another. I love seeing how the newly weds glow of happiness, while camera flashes expose their happiness even more. Whenever I am part of such a beautiful moment it is as if time slows down so that I can take in every single detail, as if I am taking photos with my eyes and storing the images close to my heart.

feathers1As I sit back and think of the last wedding I attended my brain recalls the colorful roses that filled the sky with magic while the newly-weds floated past the guests.

Confetti truly brings something magical to a wedding, but what is the meaning of the confetti? In the old days people used to hand out little cakes as symbol of their hopes that the bride and groom would enjoy a fruitful marriage with enough children. Confetti is a sign of the guests’ blessings. Throwing the confetti on the couple is symbol of throwing one’s blessings on them.

What I love about confetti is that one can play around with it. These days there are so many new and different things that can be used. What is important to remember though is to check with the chapel at the venue or at the church office what type of confetti is permitted. When choosing what confetti will be used, one needs to also consider the cleaning process afterwards.

Here are some ideas for confetti:


Rose petals are rather traditional for confetti. In case you are using the dried rose petals, put them into a big plastic bag about a week before the wedding and add a couple of drops of rose oil. Mix the petals well and let them absorb the fragrance right until the day of your wedding. On the wedding day, petals could be either given out loose or in little material bags, with a photograph and/or initials on it.


In case your wedding is done in a village wedding style, instead of rose petals you could use daisies. These simple but elegant flowers come in variety of colors so it won't be a problem to match the color of the blooms to your color scheme. You could even give out small bunches of daisies to your guests and let them tear off the petals as they shower them onto you.


In many European countries, tossing rice or grain is compulsory. A "softer" alternative to that could be small birdseeds. They are less likely to hurt you and the birds at your venue will get a chance to celebrate your wedding too. You can place the seeds into a small paper seed bag, seal it with a custom-made rubber stamp with your monogram and attach a short "thank you" note.


These could be purchased from people specializing in making bubbles for weddings. These bubbles do not stain your dress (just make sure) and come in beautiful bottles that could also be customized with your monograms. Bubbles create very special effect and usually are a lot of fun. The only drawback is that bubbles are damaging to photographic equipment and leave dirty marks on the lenses of the cameras that could have a very unpleasant effect on the photographs taken later. Check whether your photographer will take pictures of the bubbles and whether you need to make other arrangements.


There is a variety of pastel color paper sold in thick rims by CNA, PNA and other stationers. Using a paper punch that complements your theme (butterfly, heart, leave) you can create monotone or colorful paper confetti that will amaze your guests with an unconventional, yet very cheap approach. To add extra glamour, you could add some cut outs from shiny wrapping paper or use only silver or gold cut outs. You can also add flavour to your confetti by using lavender or rose oil as described above in "Rose Petals".


You could create a pleasant alternative by making a small tracing paper pocket filled with lavender or calendula leaves.

DID YOU KNOW: In Russia, the bridal couple does not only get tossed with grain, but also with money. Very often one can see little children invited to the wedding picking up coins for the couple.