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Wedding Stationery - Wedding Stationary Page 2

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Couples often think that a wedding should be white or ivory, combined with plain greens, pastel colours or earthly colours.

However, by making use of patterns and colours, you have an excellent way of demonstrating your personal style. Polka dots and stripes are very interesting and versatile. Polka dots can be fresh, feminine and sophisticated, while stripes are more informal. With patterns like these a little can go a long way! Whether you choose the one or the other for your theme, or both, it will be an interesting and original combination. Just remember to choose a few colours that combine well. It is ideal for the bride who would like to do something different, and will be perfect for the summer, which is on its way!

Start with this theme for you invitations. As polka dots and stripes are already your focus point, you will need a very plain invitation card, with a few small details of your theme. You have an endless choice of ideas, whether you thread polka dot ribbon through the card or make use of polka dot tissue paper or perhaps something quite different. By making a plain card stunning, you will save a lot of money and you will trigger curiosity and admiration in your guests!

On your wedding day you can repeat your theme very sparingly and skilfully. Start with the numbers of your tables. Have the number printed in black dots on your invitation paper/cardboard and thread a piece of your theme ribbon through two punched holes on the left or right hand side of the number. The number of the table can be in the shape of an inverted “V”. In this way you will be able to use the number and ribbon on both sides of the cardboard.

exr2The names of the guests can be printed on the invitation cardboard by making use of the same black dots. Once again you can punch holes and thread the theme ribbon through the holes. Tie the card around the guest’s serviette. In this way you have both a serviette ring and a table placing!

Whatever you decide when you start planning, remember: “Less is more”!

Enjoy every moment right from the start of planning, yes, even the arguments and tears! It is an incredibly big and special day in the life of every young woman, and unfortunately it is over much too soon!