For Grooms - Directory for wedding service providers and wedding articles http://localhost/ Sun, 26 Feb 2017 18:13:24 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Grooms Fashion http://localhost/ http://localhost/ GroomFashionFor some reason, it’s accepted that the wedding day belongs to the bride. If your groom-to-be believes a simple shave and haircut will do the trick, here are some ideas to get him to look like a movie star.


Let your man know that you desire a groomed gentleman for the special day. The bridal couple should compliment one another.

Thanks to modern designers, grooms do not necessarily have to wear a tuxedo. Tailored suits are more popular these days, with a finely stitched shirt, silk tie and pocket handkerchief. Popular shades are blue, brown and burgundy. For the more traditional look, stay with the satin style shirt and matching tie in either ivory or white. Always make sure the groom’s attire suits the style of wedding you are hosting. Also encourage the groom to purchase a well made pair of leather shoes. Small things like socks, cufflinks and tie bars shouldn’t be overlooked.

A simple shower and shave will not do the trick. Your groom will also benefit form a facial, soothing saunas, relaxing massages and a good manicure or pedicure. There are many spa packages aimed specifically at men. Spend some time together in the sauna and connect before the wedding.

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Best man duties http://localhost/ http://localhost/ As the best man, you are suppose to be the cool, level headed guy on whom the groom can lean during these stressful times. Here is your ‘to do’ list:

Before the wedding  

  • If the bridal couple chose a formal wedding style, arrange for tuxedo’s for the men, and make sure they are returned after the wedding. The best man is required to pay for his own clothing.
  • Host the bachelor party at least one week before the wedding.
  • Attend all pre-wedding parties, rehearsals etc if there is any.
  • Advise the ushers of their duties and make sure they arrive much earlier than the guests.



Wedding ceremony 

  • Help the groom to get ready. Try to keep him calm and make sure he arrives at the church before the bride.
  • Take care of the bride’s ring and hand it over on the groom’s request.
  • Escort the bridesmaid during the recessional.
  • Be available for photographs.
  • Discreetly pay the officiator and organist if this wasn’t done in advance.




  • Unless you are the master of ceremonies, present a toast. This would normally take place after the father of the bride’s speech, and the groom’s speech.
  • Be prepared to help and offer information to guest as to where the receptions hall / site or bathrooms are.
  • Mingle with the guests and dance with the bridesmaids and other single girls. This will compensate for the more unpleasant tasks.
  • All the bachelors attending the wedding should decorate the Honeymoon “getaway” car.



Now, lets take a few steps back to the BACHELOR PARTY!



An ancient and controversial initiation tradition…. Which nowadays not many brides are keen on because of what they see in movies and on television productions. Bachelor parties are not all bad and these days, most bachelor parties are relaxed event, not much different from the normal weekend get together’s.



In roman times, bachelor parties were only held in the military on the evening before the wedding day. The groom had to pledge his ongoing loyalty to his fellow soldiers. The bride’s father would also send a lady temptress into the camp to seduce the groom-to-be. If he gave in to the temptress, the chances would be, the father would kill him.



Obviously times have changed, giving us the modern bachelor party. The focus have shifted onto the groom and the activities for the night, should consist of things he like to do. Obviously, he mist still stay loyal to his friends after the wedding and not ignore them. As for the temptress, sometimes a stripper is invited to “tempt” the groom-to-be. Currently, adventure weekends / days are at the forefront and bachelors prefer to enjoy a day or weekend golfing, river rafting, playing paint ball etc.



Tips for the best man: 

  • When you organize the bachelor party, keep the groom in mind. Don’t take him river rafting if he can’t swim… Stick to something that the groom would like.
  • Be careful of strippers and strip clubs. Don’t just “order” a stripper from the classifieds as you will never know who or what will arrive. If you feel the need to visit an expensive strip club, stay with the clubs which is well known and reputable.
  • Don’t get the groom drunk in the 1st hour of his own bachelor’s party. Remember, it’s suppose to be a long “night” out. As the best man, you might want to slip him a few glasses of water inbetween!
  • Make sure there is a designated driver!!!



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Grooms Duties http://localhost/ http://localhost/ Have some fun getting involved in the planning of your wedding.



What is the first image that pops into your mind when you think about planning a wedding. For most guys, this means your fiancée, her best friend and your mother-in-law-to-be is happily shopping around and planning the whole wedding. You might not even be in this picture at all. In most cases, this is how it will probably be, however, it shouldn’t. Planning a wedding is no picnic. Help your fiancée by taking up some of the tasks, alleviating the stress and making the whole experience, a wonderful one.



Planning a wedding requires patience, dedication and hard work. It’s okay for you, as the groom to be, to leave things like the flowers, wedding favors and decorations, unless you want to be involved. There are lots of other tasks you can help her with.



The budget
Get involved in decisions such as the budget, size of the wedding, wedding date and location. Talk to your fiancée, making sure that you both know what the other one had in mind. Have these types of conversations right up front to avoid unnecessary stresses and arguments at a later stage.



Religious Matters
Are you planning to have a religious service or not? Be sure to take the time to talk to your fiancée about this. Don’t make the mistake to assume that she would want the same. If you are a mixed faith couple, get creative. If you have the funds, you might want to have two weddings. If however the marriage officer can offer a non-religious service, you might want to combine the elements and traditions of both faiths or nationalities during the wedding receptions. Religion can be a sensitive issue for a lot of people, so make sure to put some thought into this.



A Groom’s Specific Tasks 

  • Choose your wedding attendants (best man and groomsmen).
  • Select wedding attire for you and for the men in the wedding party. Do however consult your fiancée regarding this.
  • Get the groomsmen measured for the tuxedos in time.
  • Arrange transportation for the bride, father of the ride, the bridal party, best man, groomsman and yourself, to the service ad reception. Remember that you will be arriving separately, so make sure to book enough cars.
  • Arrange accommodation for guests who might have to stay the night.
  • Purchase a gift for your bride-to-be, which her best friend can give to her on the day.
  • Purchase gifts for your groomsmen.
  • Obtain the marriage license.
  • Plan the rehearsal dinner.
  • Prepare the toast for the rehearsal dinner.
  • Prepare the speech for the reception.



Some of these tasks can be done together with your fiancée but try to avoid putting anymore stress on her.



Tasks for the bride and groom 

  • Decide on the budget.
  • Finalise the date, time and location.
  • Book the venue, and pay the deposit to all service providers chosen.
  • Book the church, officiant or marriage officer.
  • Decide on the theme for your wedding so that this may be visible on all stationery, and throughout the whole wedding.
  • Book entertainment and music
  • Write up a guest list
  • Select or design wedding invitations. Remember to include your theme on the stationery.
  • Post the invites.
  • Decide on the menu for the reception, albeit a finger buffet or a three course sit down meal.
  • Hire a photographer and videographer.
  • Create a gift registry.
  • Plan the honeymoon, although most groom’s would prefer to take this upon themselves.



There is a lot expected from the groom. Although a lot of tasks may be allocated to you, you might only be required to handle one task throughout the whole process and that is… No Matter How Crazy things might get, always remember your love for one another and this is just a part of your long road together!














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