For Brides - Directory for wedding service providers and wedding articles http://localhost/ Sun, 26 Feb 2017 18:13:23 +0000 Joomla! 1.5 - Open Source Content Management en-gb Hair colour trends http://localhost/ http://localhost/ Hair2They say a change is as good as a holiday and I agree. I love the feeling I have after I changed my hairstyle or coloured my hair. I feel like a new person and I just want to show off my new look. Ever noticed how after a break up, the girl usually changes her hairstyle? Or after a long school year how teenagers colour their hair. There is definitely an undefined satisfaction that lies within this change. To help you decide on your new hair colour, here are some ideas on how to incorporate the latest trends into your style. 

  • Instead of just highlights, try double sided colouring. Underneath, choose a darker colour like chocolate, and over the top, which includes most of your hair, choose a lighter shade like copper of bronze. The dark colour will frame your face beautifully.
  • Colour combinations like coffee, golden syrup and honeycomb will give a more subtle, layered effect.
  • If you like your hair colour a chocolate brown, try putting in a few golden highlights which will break the block of chocolate, unless your face and skin can handle the density of such a rich dark colour as chocolate brown.
  • If you are a fan of very dark colours, try a brown black instead of straight black. Mix in some blue black into the brown black to give it more intensity, but with less harshness of a solid black that is not flattering to all skin tones. Try mixing in some caramel and pink-red foils with a violet brown black base.
  • If you are going for blonde, try mixing golden blonde with a light ash blonde. For a more subtle but contrasting look, have the ends of a bob coloured a pale pastel colour.
  • If you want to try platinum shades try using soft platinum white tinted slightly with pink.
  • Dare to go red? Go for a fiery copper with a darker brown underneath.
  • Feeling a little extreme? Go for a brightly coloured fringe for example pink.


Here are a few do’s and don’ts for your wedding hairstyle 

  • Choose a hairdresser that you trust. Your hairstyle will either boost your confidence or make you doubt yourself.
  • Don’t do anything drastic with your hair before consulting your hairdresser first.
  • Use good products for holding your hair in perfect shape all day long. Ask your bridesmaid to have a bottle of hairspray and a few pins ready in case you need a quick fix.
  • Don’t try out styling products on the day of your wedding- that would leave no space for crisis management.
  • Do use surprise elements in your hair decoration. Playful detail will keep people fascinated.
  • Don’t use excessive glitter in your hair. Some glitter is too obvious and comes out as white dust on photos.




Enjoy your hair and just be yourself!


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Make-up http://localhost/ http://localhost/ MakeUpAs you approach your wedding day, you realize that all eyes will be on you and it will probably be the most wonderful day of your entire life. It is no wonder that you would want to look your absolute best if you are planning the wedding of your dreams. It is for that reason that your hair and make up have to be done professionally.

Bridal hair and make up has become a specialized field and women deserve a more professional service, which they are obviously prepared to pay for as it meets their needs, is of a very high standard and ensures that their special day runs smoothly. Imagine your dismay when your wedding day arrives and your hairdresser is running an hour late or your make up artist gives you a wonderful shiny look that would spoil your treasured photographs forever. With the large sums of money that you invest in making your day perfect, you cannot afford to have your stylist make a mistake. A new generation service has been born out of the need for a bride to know that she looks her best, and as brides are getting dressed at hotels and guest houses, it is imperative that the stylist is able to go to the venue of your choice.

Unfortunately, most hairdressers in South Africa work in privately owned salons and cannot afford to take off work to go out to the bride. The need has therefore arisen for people who specialize in Bridal hair and make up. These stylists see brides each week and are therefore more up to date with the beauty needs of the bride. A top stylist and make up artist will also have an essential knowledge of lighting and photography to ensure that your personal “photo shoot” is perfect. They must also have more training and experience in the art of bridal hairstyling; skin care and corrective make up techniques. Make up worn correctly inspires confidence which is radiated by a women who understands the art and technique used in applying the product successfully.

A top stylist goes a long way to calm those wedding jitters and no amount of planning and spending to make your day successful, can ever eliminate the disaster of a ‘bad hair day’. It is essential that you do your homework and make sure that you choose a stylist that is qualified in their field, has a special understanding of your needs as a bride, and you know can be reliable and give you the service that you require. These stylists do however come at a price and it would be unfair to compare them to the prices charged in your regular salons. Keep in mind that you are paying for a service that will add to the success of your wedding, and for a specialist that will ensure that you have the perfect look to go with your dress and your personality. Take the time to view portfolios and find out if your stylist is a qualified professional hairdresser and make up artist before you decide on whom to book for your wedding. Also enquire about the quality of the products that they use, as this is not the time for a ‘break out’!

Keep in mind that a bridal specialist will charge according to their qualifications and experience as well as the level of service that you can expect. Due to the very nature of this unique service you will need to book your appointments with them 3 to 12 months in advance and I always advise my brides to have their trial 3 to 6 months before the wedding to ensure that their skin and hair are in perfect condition.

Rest assured these stylists will ensure that you walk down the aisle on time and confident that you look your best and the service you will receive will go beyond your normal trip to the salon. This will all add to the whole experience, making it a more enjoyable day to remember


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Bride Skin Care http://localhost/ http://localhost/ 10 STEPS TO LOOK AND FEEL PERFECT ON YOUR WEDDING DAY

Beauty step 1

Make sure to book your make-up artist as soon as you have finalised your wedding date. Make-up artists are booked up quite early, so don't delay making this phone call even though your wedding day might still be some time away. Enquire if she/he will travel to the venue where you will be getting dressed to take the stress of travelling and lack of time off yourself. Make sure to confirm whether any of your entourage will have their make-up done so that you have enough time before the service in order to take photos and for travelling to the function location. Book the date for a trial run, where you can discuss exactly what you want regarding make-up for the big day.

TIPS: Try and set up a trial run for your hair on the same day, preferably before your make-up appointment in order to get a good idea of what the end result will be.

Beauty step 2

Visit your beauty therapist for a consultation facial. When booking a facial, be sure to book your first one at LEAST a month and a half, if not earlier, before the wedding day. This will give you an idea of the results the products used by your therapist will have on your skin, and you will also avoid having an unnecessary reaction on your skin just a few days before the wedding. Should you want a deep - cleansing facial before the wedding, you should have it done no less than a week before the wedding.

TIPS: Invest in a good moisturiser to ensure maximum hydration for your skin. This will result in beautiful make-up that will last for hours.

Beauty step 3

This is probably the most important step for nearly every bride! Do you easily have a skin breakout due to stress or hormone activity? Do you have a beautiful skin at the moment but scared that by the time the big day arrives, you might have an extra guest attending the wedding - on your chin? Never fear, help is here. Find a nutritional supplement that contains all three essential fatty acids. These fatty acids are directly related to the balancing of hormone activity. Start taking these nutritional supplements as soon as possible for loads of energy, healthy and a beautiful complexion.

TIPS: Please note that the information offered in step 3 has been proven to have great results and has enjoyed a great success.

EXTRA TIPS: Sustained release Vit.B Co and Calcium and Magnesium will help you handle stress effectively. (Take B Co in the mornings and Calcium and Magnesium at night, before you go to bed.)

Beauty step 4

A shapely eyebrow does not mean that you have to have a thin straight line above your eye that is bearably visible! By removing just a few stray hairs, you will define the shape of your eyes and improve the look of the applied make-up. The difference is remarkable, and the result is well worth the extra effort. Have this treatment done at least two months before the wedding day to make sure that you are happy with the result.

TIPS: The few stray hairs that grow out after this day can be removed a day or two before the wedding, while doing some other treatments like waxing, manicures, pedicures etc.

Beauty step 5

All the necessary waxing should be done two or three days before the wedding. This includes full leg, bikini, under arm and lip wax. Now is also the time for an eyebrow and eye lash tint.

Beauty step 6

Treat your fiancé by giving him

TIPS: Let him have the facial a day or two before the wedding so that he also has a clear and hydrated skin.

Beauty step 7

Only one day to go! Today is your day for relaxation and total bliss. Sleep a little late; eat a fresh fruit salad and muesli with natural yogurt and honey for breakfast. This will make you feel healthy and energized. Indulge yourself today with your last facial. This treatment should be relaxing and hydrating. Have a fabulous paraffin wax manicure today for beautiful and soft hands. A French manicure is very stylish and sophisticated for a wedding. Treat yourself to a pedicure and apply a subtle color nail varnish on your toenails.

Beauty step 8

"I cannot believe that today is my wedding day!" Well, congratulations. I know you are excited: but have a good solid breakfast. You are going to need all your energy. When you shower, use a body exfoliator for a silky smooth and soft skin. Apply a rich body cream from top to toes. Cleanse and tone your face and apply a moisture mask for five to ten minutes. Rinse the mask off and tone and moisturize your skin. DO NOT apply any make-up. This will not only spoil the perfect complexion you've been working on so hard for so long. It will also make it very difficult for your make-up artist to remove your make-up completely without messing up your hairstyle.

Beauty step 9

Fragrance layering for long lasting freshness. Invest in a fragrance, which also has a shower gel and a body cream. By bathing with the shower gel and then applying the body cream of the same fragrance and then spraying on some perfume you will ensure fabulous freshness the whole night (or day). TIPS: Remember the saying: " Nice perfume... you do not have to marinade in it!" Perfume should be subtle and mysterious.

Beauty step 10

Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy! Smile the whole night long; who cares whether the champagne is red or white! Remember: A relaxed and happy bride = Relaxed and happy guests and celebrations, that carry on till the early hours of the morning.


From the Faces and Features studio.

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Bridal Beauty http://localhost/ http://localhost/ There are some things in life that I just don’t like. One of these things are clichés. I hate those little sayings that people use over and over again but unfortunately I have to admit that it would not be called a cliché if the sayings were not true. One of these lovely little clichés, which happens to be true, is the saying that “ you are what you eat”. I once went through an awkward stage during my teenage years where I chose to stop eating vegetables, fruits and meat. I lived on Fast Food and anything else that would be a “no” if asked by a nutritionist. My mom tried to get me to eat healthy again and I constantly heard the phrase, “you are what you eat”. Sadly I learnt the truth of that expression the hard way. My energy levels were non-existing and my usually pretty good hockey skills suddenly dropped a few nudges. As I started to eat healthy once again I could feel how my body appreciated it and when I was out on the field I felt amazing, as if I could push my body more than before.



Not only is eating healthy good for your general well being, it also helps with your skin. All brides want to look beautiful and have a glowing complexion on the day of her wedding. One secret learnt is that this sought after glowing complexion does not lie in the skill of the make up artist, but rather in the eating habits of the bride. Here are some nutritional guidelines for a glowing complexion on your wedding day. 

  • Your skin is made of epithelial tissue, and this epithelial tissue needs maintenance and healing and therefore vitamin A is necessary. This is found in eggs, oysters and low-fat dairy products.
  • Everyone hates sunburn. You can prevent or reduce the redness associated with sunburn by eating food that is rich in beta-carotene. This includes dark-coloured fruit and vegetables like carrots, watermelon, broccoli and tomatoes.
  • Vitamin B found in fish, eggs and whole grains helps to keep your skin’s oil production normal and it helps to convert kilojoules into energy.
  • For firm skin and to maintain collagen, the underlying support structure of the skin, vitamin C is necessary, and found in citrus fruits, tomatoes and berries.
  • Vitamin E helps to slow down the process of aging of the skin cells. The best sources of vitamin E are salmon, leafy vegetables and olives.
  • Another anti-wrinkling agent is zinc. This mineral helps to maintain your skin’s elasticity and collagen. Zinc can be found in seafood, Soya, turkey and mushrooms.



Besides following a diet that contains all the above nutrition it’s also important to follow sensible lifestyle habits. For example, quit smoking, sleep enough and drink a lot of water.



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Tips for the Bride http://localhost/ http://localhost/ Firstly ensure that you have a good idea of what your bridal gown will look like. You must know how low the back is and understand the cut and fit of the dress. You must also decide if you need the maximum amount of lift or if you need to minimize the cleavage. You also need to decide whether or not you will need seamless lingerie according to the type of fabric that the dress is made of.

• The Fitting

There are a number of reputable lingerie boutiques that will fit you professionally. Stand straight in front of the mirror and allow them to measure you. You then need to ensure that the bra fits perfectly. Ensure that the underwire is comfortable and that your breasts do not spill over the sides. The shoulder straps must also not pull or cut into your skin.

• The Control

Often a bustier will provide the control that you need for your wedding dress. Please note that some dresses are specifically designed to provide maximum support without the help of a bra. You need to discuss this with your dress designer beforehand. Some brides feel they need a girdle or support around the middle. Keep in mind that this can get hot and uncomfortable

• The Quality

Expensive lingerie should be able to withstand lots of washing and wearing. Test the elastic and feel if it is sturdy and resilient. A good quality item will also have double rows of stitching and underwire are firmly in place.

• The Care

Take care of your expensive lingerie and you will get more wear for your money. Hand wash the items and do not tumble try. Follow the instructions on the label and your lingerie should give you lots of comfort and pleasure. Ensure that your underwear makes the best of your figure as well as your bridal gown.


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Shoes and Accessories http://localhost/ http://localhost/ ShoesAfter the Jewellery has been added there is basically nothing else that needs to be added to bring finishing touches to your outfit. There are a few accessories that some like for instance a purse or gloves. Choosing a purse is important to keep in mind the tone, style and theme of your dress. A small purse is usually the most stylish seeing that it may get irritating to carry a big purse around. Usually the bride prefers no purse though. Gloves can add a nice finishing touch to the picture but it needs to be planned with the designer of the dress. Be sure that it suits the dress and your theme.


Tiaras also add something magical to the whole outfit. It brings a princess type element to the picture. Here are a few hints in choosing tiaras that will match your figure type.



  • A tiara in the “Alice band “–style usually works best with short hair.
  • A pointed tiara adds height to a round face.
  • A neckline that hangs in a V shape makes a round face look a little longer.




Another important facet that completes the picture of you will be your shoes. Among the ancient Incas in Peru, brides and grooms exchanged shoes when they got married. To them taking off your shoes and giving it to someone meant that you want to submit under that person. In Wales during the old days, the bridal couple would be given a pair of wooden shoes cut from one block of wood. The shoe would have a cube of sugar and a little piece of coal inside which was symbolic that the giver of the shoe wished that the couple will always have food and warmth in their house.


Your wedding shoes are usually chosen to match the rest of the bridal outfit. It is very important the bridal shoes are comfortable so that the bride would not kick out her shoes and walk barefoot.




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Jewellery http://localhost/ http://localhost/ jewl1Your wedding dress is the starting point in deciding all the other elements, especially the jewelry. The dress is designed with the following principles in mind, color, texture and rhythm. The role of the jewelry is to compliment the dress and add to its beauty, and that is why the same design principles have to be repeated in the jewelry. If there is a diamonds on the dress, the jewelry has to reflect that. The next step in choosing jewelry is to make sure that the jewelry suits you. Consider your preferences and personality, the overall theme and mood that you have in mind, the neckline of your dress, texture of the fabric and the beading.


Here are a few hints in choosing a jewelry that will match your figure type.



  • A tiara in the “Alice band “–style usually works best with short hair.
  • A pointed tiara adds height to a round face.
  • A neckline that hangs in a V shape makes a round face look a little longer.


Adding hairpins into your hair draws attention to your hair and compliment your face beautifully. It also gives the guests something to look at during the ceremony when your back will be turned to them.



Arm bracelets can add something unique to your outfit but it is important to keep the rest of your jewelry in mind. Be careful for too much.


Jewelry is a very important part of your wedding outfit; it can be the cherry on the cake that brings the last touch to the beautiful picture that is yours.


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Lingerie http://localhost/ http://localhost/ Tlin5he correct underwear that will compliment your wedding dress is very important. Sometimes it can be a struggle finding the style that you need - ie. low-cut back, matching colour, low-cut front or a strapless piece. Custom made underwear that suits your wedding dress style and complements your figure is the best solution in cases like that.

It is also very important to find out from your wedding dress designer which underwear you will need for your dress, because the final fitting of your dress could be influenced by the underwear that you wear.


The following can be achieved by wearing the proper underwear:

With a corset you can achieve the classic hour-glass look If chosen correctly, nothing will be visible at your neckline or under the arms.

Corset can make all the difference in the areas of your body you are concerned with, a small bust can be made looking fuller and vice versa.

Panties with extra panels over the stomach and thighs, can help to hide problem areas.

At Divine Creations, your underwear is custom made to your requirements. It can be done in various styles, sizes and colour, to compliment your wedding dress. Part of our range also includes custom made sleepwear for women and men, as well as garters, suspender belts, teddies and night-gowns.


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Bridesmaid Duties http://localhost/ http://localhost/ Your bridesmaid is not always your best friend ... but she will become your confidant, your coordinator, and your saving grace when the stress of planning your wedding becomes unbearable.

It is important that you do not feel obliged or pressured into choosing a bridesmaid that you know will not be able to support you in the weeks leading up to the wedding as well as on the day. By now you know your friends, and understand both their strengths and their weaknesses. If you think a friend will be more concerned with her own hair and dress, or can not operate under the slightest pressure, then you definitely do not want her to be part of the planning process. She will make a great guest so let her know how special she is by seating her near to you.

By the same token do not choose a bridesmaid purely on whether her looks or dress will compliment you or look good on your wedding photos. Also avoid choosing someone that you know is too busy at work to be of any significant help before the wedding. Often you as the bride will get to decide on more than one bridesmaid. Ensure that each one has a clear understanding of their role and what is expected from them. The title of Maid of Honour is given to the oldest bridesmaid and that of Matron of Honour is given to the bridesmaid that is married.

Once you have decided on which bridesmaids to use to make your wedding experience memorable, invite them over and have a meeting to discuss the event, the logistics and the practicalities of the day. Devise a plan of action from the kitchen tea, through to the wedding, and even decide whether there are things you would like them to do once you leave for your honeymoon. You may decide to have a bridal shower or hen party with bridal shower games. Making all these decisions together will add a fun element to the planning process.

The planning does not necessarily have to be stressful so pre-empt any possible hiccups that may disrupt your wedding. Remember at least one of your bridesmaids must be available to help you dress and the others as well as the children can meet you just before you leave for the ceremony. It is never a good idea to have too many people around you as you prepare. Keep in mind that the photographer, hair and make up artist and videographer, as well as their assistants, also have to be in the room with you.

Choose one bridesmaid to be ‘on duty’ at the ceremony, taking your flowers or helping to straighten your veil. She will also have to have a tissue handy ... just in case!

Also remember to consider your budget when deciding on bridesmaids, flower girls, pageboys, confetti girls or ring bearers. Very often you will be responsible for paying for their outfits. It is becoming more accepted that your entourage pays for their outfits, but be aware of embarrassing a friend that may not have the means to do this.

It is also the brides responsibility to establish who will be paying for their hair, make up or accessories.

Organising your bridesmaids and ensuring that they each have a suitable action list, will go a long way to avoid any unnecessary stress, But more importantly, you will have the opportunity to share this special time with special friends!


Norine Victor

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